Alysa Freeman Pendant

  • Alysa Freeman Pendant
  • Alysa Freeman Pendant
  • Alysa Freeman Pendant
  • Alysa Freeman Pendant
  • Alysa Freeman Pendant

This stunning 'segment pendant' is handcrafted by the talented UK based jeweller Alysa Freeman.

It is comprised of a combination of silver, recycled and found papers and coloured cord and is reversible (it has two very different sides to it - please refer to images)

This wonderful necklace is long enough to simply slip over the head so there are no fiddley fastenings to deal with.

Alysa strives to craft jewellery which is compatible with her views on environmental responsibility and sustainability. She began to explore the idea of restoring value to discarded materials, particularly those with are designed to be disposable. She has always had an affinity with text: newspapers, maps and pages from old books became a source of raw material.

By putting these papers through a complex process of rolling, compression and manipulation she produced a new material which can be worked and shaped. This transmutes waste into functional and decorative hand-crafted pieces of jewellery.

'Using newspaper has allowed me to explore ideas around the use of tech to viewers and wearers. For most people, the presence of text on paper invites the viewer to seek messages and meaning in the print. As a dyslexic maker, however, I perceive text as texture. In this collection, I have developed techniques to stack the raw material and abrade the surface to reveal complex layers of print that read in reverse. The meaning and context of the words is blurred and lost, inviting the viewer to see the text as I do - not immediately intelligible '

The pendant itself measures 95mm by 35mm and the cord is 26" in length,

Image 5 depicts Alysa's full collection - do get in touch if you'd like more info or images of any of the other pieces on display - simply email

Due to the high price of the piece - we would send Special Delivery as standard, this guarantees safe delivery.
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