Emily Collins Bracelet

  • Emily Collins Bracelet
  • Emily Collins Bracelet
  • Emily Collins Bracelet
  • Emily Collins Bracelet

How elegant is this bracelet?! It is handcrafted by the talented UK based jeweller Emily Collins.

The bracelet is comprised of silver and is just so dainty, it would be perfect for someone who prefers jewellery that's a little more subtle but nevertheless beautiful and exquisitely crafted.

The bracelet is actually a really lovely silver which has come out a little darker in the images, see image 4 for a better representation of the colour.

Emily uses making jewellery as a way to explore ideas and embrace concepts as she sees them. Ideas of lightness, simplicity, value, harmony, balance, purity and order. These are explored through considered composition and meditative repetition of gently framed tiny elements and shapes.
Each tiny element of there jewellery is completely handmade, no casting techniques are used. This means that each piece is unique, either one of a kind or one of a small edition.

The bracelet is of a medium size - the entire length of the piece is 170mm. The 'Star Flower Frame' decoration measures just 8mm in diameter.

Image 5 depicts Emily's full collection - do get in touch if you'd like more info or images of any of the other pieces on display - simply email craftcentre-leeds@btconnect.com

Due to the high price of the piece - we would send Special Delivery as standard, this guarantees safe delivery.
If you would like alternative postage or collection options, please do get in touch prior to purchase.