Gwyneth Williamson Earrings

  • Gwyneth Williamson Earrings
  • Gwyneth Williamson Earrings
  • Gwyneth Williamson Earrings
  • Gwyneth Williamson Earrings
  • Gwyneth Williamson Earrings

This stunning pair of earrings are handcrafted by the incredibly talented West Yorkshire based jeweller Gwyneth Williamson.

In this new collection of work, Gwyneth combines laser cut wood, printing and her jewellery making techniques to produce a fab and fun collection.

A word from Gwyneth
"I love to make very textural silver pieces either by hammering, stamping or imprinting using my rolling mill, each will very slightly due to the techniques used. My silver jewellery is made up of simple shapes, pattern and texture."

Many of my wooden pieces of jewellery that Gwyneth makes are unique due to the mono-print technique. She cuts patterns from lino and prints from those or she rolls ink onto the ‘waste’ plywood after the shapes have been cut out, which makes for some interesting patterns. Gwyneth works vert intuitively and overlays patterns and colours until she like what she sees. All the wooden pieces are sealed with Renaissance wax to protect them.

These particular earrings feature a yellow scratch printed pattern on a dark background with a delicate oxidised silver hoop at the top. The hoop and the wooden dangle are not solidly fixed which allows the wooden dangle the freedom to move and sway whilst worn.
The laser cutting process renders the edges of the earring with a lovely burnished finish which compliments that fab yellow and black coloured ink that is applied to the front and of the earring. As an extra touch, the back of the earrings are printed in a black and red scratch pattern - Gwyneth really pays attention to the small details!

Due to the earrings being primarily crafted from wood, the are incredibly light when worn so you can definitely afford to be a little bolder with the size without worrying about damaging your ear lobes.

These earrings measure approximately 45mm in length (this includes the silver hoop) and 10mm at the widest point (which is the diameter of the silver hoop).

Image 5 depicts Gwyneth's full collection - do get in touch if you'd like more info or images of any of the other pieces on display - simply email

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