Shirley Vauvelle Ceramic Assemblage

  • Shirley Vauvelle Ceramic Assemblage
  • Shirley Vauvelle Ceramic Assemblage
  • Shirley Vauvelle Ceramic Assemblage
  • Shirley Vauvelle Ceramic Assemblage
  • Shirley Vauvelle Ceramic Assemblage

This stunning ceramic assemblage is handcrafted by the incredibly talented UK based maker Shirley Vauvelle.

It forms part of her collection titled 'Under Universal Skies'

An established decorative mixed media British maker, her practise has tended to produce playful component pieces combined with found materials. Assemblages inspired by creatures, birds and plants. Recently her work has become more abstract and larger in scale and concentrates more on form as a whole.

A collection of new works, a year in the making, with a two year thought process. There is a very intimate valley landscape high up in the Atlas mountains. In Spring it is lush and green, with almond blossom and new growth emerging from darkened branches. In a glade down by the mountain river there is a very special place that will always stay with Shirley. A unique landscape with huge sculptural boulders mapping the river, set strong and heavy against the lightness of nature.

This work has evolved over a long period of time since her trip to the Atlas mountains in Morocco where she immersed herself in drawing the immense landscape. The sense of place in the valley besides being unlike anything else, also had an overwhelming sense of calm and a sense that we are a tiny dot in the universe, in nature. That nature, although it has the power to calm it also has the power to destruct. That’s the feeling that you can connect with in certain landscapes such as this one. The experience has lead hand built sculptures and assemblages in stoneware clay and found materials.

The colour and textures are built up in layers sometimes with firings in the kiln going up to five times, using slips, underglazes and oxides. Shirley’s love of plants is reflected the use of the plant material she grows in her garden, applied intuitively to the surface, creating botanical pattern and texture. Or using them as part of the sculpture bringing nature and her work together.

The sculpture measures 280mm in hight, 270mm in width and 125mm in diameter.
The collection of trees on top aren't fixed, they simply sit in small holes and as such can be removed from the piece, you can change which way they face and the order they appear in. This is a really lovely tactile assemblage.

Image 5 depicts the majority of Shirleys collection that we have here at the Craft Centre - we also have a selection of abstract mobiles which you can't see in the image. Please get in touch if you'd like to view these or if you'd like to see closer images of any other pieces of Shirely's work.

Due to the high price of the piece and weight - we would send Special Delivery as standard, this guarantees safe delivery.
If you would like alternative postage or collection options, please do get in touch prior to purchase.